Storefront: A Great Reseller Plug-In To Extend The Powers Of Resellers

The role of resellers cannot be underestimated in this highly competitive web hosting industry. The resellers significantly widen the client base as well as the geographical reach of any web hosting company, thus eventually multiplying its impact manifolds. EverData respects all its global resellers and is committed to empowering them by providing maximum business support. In the same regards, the company is now offering a new plugin that allows them to further reaffirm their personal branding.


The hosting resellers lack the sufficient capabilities of optimizing their digital storefront provided by the parent host. It hampers their creative freedom and restricts personal branding. In short, it constricts their entrepreneurial experience. It isn’t easy to find a good plugin that helps resellers with more customization power while working with their storefront. One WordPress plug-in that deserves a mention is Storefront Plug-in by EverData. As the name suggests, this plug-in is specially developed to help the resellers in enriching their storefront’s visual experience.


This plugin will offer the resellers extended freedom to customize multiple key aspects of their storefront in order to sync the entire theme and presentation style with their business and branding objectives.


Optimize your site the way you want

Once the resellers would install this storefront plugin on the word press setup they will be able to edit the entire theme to communicate their brand in a better way. The optimization power also allows resellers to make quick temporary changes in the look of their site during special occasions, promo offers or festive season like Christmas!


Connect better with the clients with a hassle-free process

The easy and intuitive optimization process doesn’t require any complicated technical skills. With just a few quick steps the resellers can customize the theme to connect better with their target audience. Its user-friendly interface further facilitates the entire process. Using the capacities of this plugin the resellers can completely redefine the user interface to improve their experience.


Seamlessly Sync your existing products with hosting plans

One major business benefit of the optimization power is that it will help them in syncing their primary products and services with our hosting plans in a better way. Many hosting resellers are already into the field of providing other web products like web designing and development services. With the help of this plugin, they will be able to seamlessly sync their existing products or services with our hosting plans so as to maintain the uniform appeal. It will also allow the visitors to see the entire product menu or carousel at the same place that will widen their choice menu.


Business benefits of optimization

There are various ways in which the plug-in can help the resellers to connect better with their visitors and keep them engaged. Here are a few ways in which the plug-in can be used. Of course, as you will work with it, you can explore many more ways in which the plug-in can be used for enhancing the site appeal and improving the experience.

  • The resellers can connect better with the visitor by prioritizing the content they want to see first.
  • They can strategically place images to make your content more powerful and appealing.
  • Highlight all the USP (Unique Selling Points) by using the right design elements.
  • They can elongate the stay period by facilitating the navigation process through restructuring.
  • The target link can be optimized as per their requirements.
  • The visual impact can be improved by changing the images.
  • You can make your site mobile-ready by strategically redesigning it to suit the needs of mobile users.



The digital storefront of web hosting resellers plays a very important role in attracting visitors and shaping their overall experience. While the reputed parent hosts offer their resellers complimentary digital storefronts, there are minimum optimization capabilities that limit the personal branding and constrict the entrepreneurial freedom. In this blog, we have talked about a new, friendly plug-in for the resellers that offer them the extended optimization capabilities while working with their digital storefront. We have also listed the specific benefits of this plug-in that will help them during their business journey.