Apr 30 2019

5 Tips To Find Reseller Hosting Plan With Maximum Potential

Domain names and web hosting are arguably the hottest selling products in the digital arena as they are the fundamental requirements for every website. The best thing about web hosting and a domain name is that you don’t necessarily need a huge amount to start your domain and hosting business.

Apr 12 2019

4 Top Programming Language For Resellers To Maximize Revenue

A significant number of web hosting resellers also offer other web services to the clients especially web designing and development. It helps them to maximize the returns from each client by offering value-added services. Their income potential and reputation depends upon their programming skills and expertise. That is why it is important to learn the programming languages with a high-efficiency and a proven track record.

Apr 09 2019

Altechmind : Improving society and business with premium IT services

Engineering is one of the most promising fields and it is not a difficult task to find a good job in the market after completing your engineering course. That is why most of the engineering graduates aspire for the bright job prospects with a good pay scale so that they can settle down in life. However, some students are different. Driven by the passion and zeal to do something on their own, they start their entrepreneurial journey despite all odds.

Mar 29 2019

Top 5 Free Tools For Scanning Your Website Against Malware

In this digital age your website is as valuable as your physical business real estate and thus it needs the same level of security. One of the major nightmares of the website owners is finding dangerous malware on their site that may have probably done much harm before being detected. The good news is that now you can easily scan your site for the presence of such malware without paying any hefty price.

Mar 05 2019

Riskfreehost: Top Rated Hosting Service Provider In India.

EverData strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship. It generates a feeling of ownership and encourages people to take complete responsibility for their actions and decisions. It allows them to explore their hidden talent and skills to give their best to whatever they do. That’s why we treat our entire family of employees, partners, and resellers as individual entrepreneurs who are fully eligible to take ownership of their endeavors to deliver the best results.

Jan 29 2019

Storefront: A Great Reseller Plug-In To Extend The Powers Of Resellers

The role of resellers cannot be underestimated in this highly competitive web hosting industry. The resellers significantly widen the client base as well as the geographical reach of any web hosting company, thus eventually multiplying its impact manifolds. EverData respects all its global resellers and is committed to empowering them by providing maximum business support.

Jan 07 2019

6 Ways Front-End Can Help You In Ranking High On Google

SEO is an ever-evolving field as new algorithms are introduced, old algorithms lose their relevance and the thing that worked in favor your site last year may be rendered useless or even harmful for your site due to the change in algorithm. So, it is very important to keep on evaluating your site’s SEO compatibility as per the latest guidelines and ensure that your site conforms to the best SEO practices.

Jan 01 2019

Get The Weapon To Fight The Cyber Attackers, Boldly! Make Them Wanna Cry!

The attacks can never be a cause of celebration. However, the case of the recent spate of cyber attacks is a bit different. They can actually be called blessings in disguise in the future, keeping in mind that the future of IT security will experience even more difficult times courtesy next age attacks, advanced technologies and more demanding attackers.

Nov 16 2018

Top Reasons Why Should You Join Reseller Hosting Plans Today

As more and more businesses are shifting their focus from physical to digital ecosystem, web hosting has certainly become the best digital business opportunity for many people. In fact, the best thing about the web hosting business is that you can join this business irrespective of your experience, expertise or available capital.

Oct 30 2018

5 Reasons Why Should You Invest In SSD VPS Cloud Hosting Now

In order to enjoy a great online reputation, you need to ensure that your online visitors feel happy while browsing your site. Any drop in performance or latency in loading can annoy them and eventually affects your digital impact in a negative manner. There are multiple ways to boost website speed. However, in most of the cases, you just need to buy hosting plan that can deliver a better speed and availability.

Sep 28 2018

5 Best Practices To Save SEO While Moving From HTTP To HTTPS

When you move your entire site to https there are good possibilities that you skip some key issues due to the sheer technicality of the job. Resolving those requests later- when they pile up- is time-consuming, complicated and more prone to further errors. So, it is a good practice to evaluate each step of your HTTPS migration process before you move on to the next one.

Aug 23 2018

The Actionable Tips For Resellers To Sell SSL

We know that from this July, Google has started showing No Secure warning in Chrome’s address bar for non-HTTPS sites. While a lot has been written on the implications of this decision on the businesses, we would concentrate this post on how can resellers utilize this opportunity to enhance the sales of SSL certificate thus helping your end clients, internet users and entire internet ecosystem. Yes, Mr. Reseller, we are talking with you!

Jul 09 2018

4 Reasons Why New Hosting Resellers Fail (..But You Will Succeed!)

Web hosting is one of the most promising digital businesses that can be started with zero capital and if done in the right way it can offer you great chances of constant growth. The best thing is that while you will enjoy the extended entrepreneurial freedom, the maintenance, infrastructure and support services will be provided by your web host. As a reseller, you are not a commission agent but an independent entrepreneur with a distinct brand identity.

Jun 15 2018

Top 4 data backup myths now busted!

I will start this article by sharing some uncomfortable information. Uncomfortable- when we talk about the huge figures of data breaches, thefts and data losses, it brings an unpleasant feeling. It shows that despite of what we think of the ever-increasing capabilities in IT security ecosystem, we are still vulnerable to the threats. However, many businesses still don’t take adequate measures to ensure data security.

May 15 2018

The best WordPress hosting guide: Advantages and relevance for you -Part 3

We have already read about the benefits offered by the WordPress as well as how to buy the right WordPress hosting for you. In this concluding part we will tell you about various useful features of WordPress hosting that can offer the elevated user experience for your visitors:

Updates are managed by your hosting provider

May 04 2018

The best WordPress hosting guide: Advantages and relevance for you -Part 2

In the last blog, we read about how to choose an ideal WordPress hosting for you. This post will be dedicated to the benefits offered by WordPress hosting

Maximum business benefits

May 03 2018

How to Boost your Domain Reseller Business

Domain reselling is one of the most popular commercial opportunities available today. Though the income opportunities are high, the competition too is high and you need to take some strategic measures. The best approach to start your own domain business is to join a reputed domain ad hosting company as a reseller. Apart from offering you the natural benefit of branding, it also allows you to take a cost effective apricot start your own business.

May 01 2018

The best WordPress hosting guide: part 1 (Advantages and relevance for you)

Many of the bloggers and small website owners are not comfortable with the relevant technical facets of a website that play a direct role in day to day management of the website. Content management Systems of CMS offers such people an excellent opportunity to manage their own website, publish the content or make required changes in the layout of their website without having o go through the technical hassles or bottlenecks. WordPress is arguably the most widely used CMS due to the extended controls it offers to the clients with the help of plug-in and apps.

Oct 06 2017

Why does your audience need a well-managed scrolling ?

Infinite scrolling the latest trends in the field of web designing. As the name suggests, it is a model that offers a continuous stretch of scrolling without any visual thresholds. It offers your eyes a bungee jumping experience, thanks to its ever-expanding structure! Now the question arises - What is the use of infinite scrolling and is it really relevant for you? But before that, let us tell its detailed definition with the help of some examples.

What is infinite scrolling?

Sep 19 2017

Why did your Reseller hosting business fail ?

The internet is filled with the stories of successful resellers who are selling web hosting products to a large number of people and earning a decent recurring income. While it is true, there is another less discussed aspect too that is seldom discussed- A large number of hosting resellers fail miserably! However, in many cases the resellers fail due to their own mistakes. If your reseller hosting business also failed then in this article we can review the reasons.

Sep 18 2017

How to gear up your Google Ranking with white hat techniques ?

There are 2 ways of gaining SEO benefits- BlackHat Techniques (Unethical ways) and White Hat Techniques (Ethical Ways). To be honest, the Black hat techniques can offer you quick benefits but these benefits don’t last for long. Sooner or later you are caught and there are very stringent penalties that you need to suffer. Many websites have been blacklisted because of using black hat SEO techniques and it may take those ages to regain their past glory.

Sep 11 2017

Are your customers angry with your service? Here’ the remedy!

Customers play the vital role in success of any business and you cannot afford to infuriate your customers. It can hurt your reputation and diminish your brand credibility over a period of time. Especially when you provide the subscription based services like web hosting services there is no way you can offer 100% customer satisfaction always. There are instances when you get complaints from the customers and many times they may get angry.

May 02 2017

5 ways to excel as a web hosting reseller by modifying your email marketing strategy

There are a number of ways in which you can succeed as a web hosting reseller and increase your income opportunities. It is vital to make an effective reach to your potential clients and leave a positive impact. Email marketing is one of the most trusted options here as it can directly influence a reader. However, many resellers may realize that they are not able to reap any significant benefits out of their email marketing campaigns. In fact, there are a number of factors that influence the success of email marketing.

Apr 24 2017

How to really excel as a hosting reseller ?

As the internet is getting populated with more and more business, the web hosting business is getting bigger, better and more beneficial. There are tales, the real ones, of small time web hosting companies who saw a huge success within a reasonable period of time. But it is better to walk on the ground. If you have a limited capital and want to earn from web hosting business then you can start become a hosting reseller. It is becoming very popular nowadays and many people are earning a decent income.

Apr 10 2017

How to Start your Own Cloud Hosting Business ?

Due to its wide popularity, the cloud hosting services are utilized by a number of businesses across the globe. It is one of the most flourishing businesses of the current century and promises even better opportunities in the future. So, if you are a technical person having an interest in hosting industry and want to really make it big in terms of reputation and revenue then cloud hosting business might be the best option for you.