Altechmind : Improving society and business with premium IT services

Engineering is one of the most promising fields and it is not a difficult task to find a good job in the market after completing your engineering course. That is why most of the engineering graduates aspire for the bright job prospects with a good pay scale so that they can settle down in life. However, some students are different. Driven by the passion and zeal to do something on their own, they start their entrepreneurial journey despite all odds. This is the story of one such student who strived hard to get what he set out for and finally evolved as a successful entrepreneur. We are talking about Prashant Kumar, CEO & Founder of Altechmind Web Services.


Introduction and early days

Prashant Kumar was born in a small town of Bihar called Purnea on 10th Nov 1993. Though belonging to the humble background, his parents always kept him motivated to think big in life.

The technology was something that always interested him, and he was always sure that he has to make his mark in the field of technology. The supportive parents are the strong pillars of his life and that’s why he is very much attached to his parents and doesn’t leave any stone unturned to keep them happy.


Where he stands today?

Today his company Altechmind Web Services is involved in building diverse products like websites, mobile apps, software’s and a host of other IT products for diverse niches. His clients include reputed educational institutes, healthcare organization, commercial ventures, and even political parties.


The company, Services and ideology

As a fast-growing IT services start-up Altechmind offers diverse services like Web Hosting designing and development and result oriented digital marketing services to the clients. Situated in Bangalore the team offers premium quality services at economical prices that have earned it a good recognition among start-ups as well as established brands. Research is an integral part of daily operations at Altechmind and it has allowed the company to improve the quality of existing products and constantly introduce innovative products in the market with purpose-oriented features.


The services

We offer web hosting services, a complete suite of digital marketing services, an online marketplace for it process like scripts, software, and templates and UI/UX development that is tailored to meet the specific requirements.



USP of the company

As a research-oriented company, we specialize in developing products that offer precise solutions to the clients’ concerns with a focus on enhancing their business capabilities. All our products go through a strict testing and quality checking process to offer robust solutions that deliver steady performance even during varying conditions.

Premium quality, affordable prices, and purpose-specific features add efficiency to our client’s business, increase their productivity and reduce the time to market.


How EverData helped you in your business?

Challenge and concerns: Technically it is very easy to start an out as a web hosting reseller. All you need is to register online and start reselling the business. However, as a business analyst, I have learned that strong entrepreneurs don’t just focus on the technical aspects of starting a business but assess its future viability and success potential as well. So, I was looking for a hosting company with a strong reputation that can deliver high-quality products at affordable prices along with a reliable support system. Besides, I was also concerned about the branding, pricing, marketing, and management issues and needed easy yet efficient solutions for the same.


Solution: As per my research, EverData Technologies stood out to be the best hosting company due to its reputation in the market as an ethical hosting company and a proven track record of delivering best products at friendly prices.

EverData not only offered me a complimentary digital store with fully professional looks but also allowed me to take better control of my business with the help of easy hosting panel with quick navigation and intuitive operations. Its marketing and management tools helped me in a great way in acquiring new customers and managing the key aspects of my business.

What do you like most about EverData?

What I like most about EverData is a wider menu of plans and a very low cost that helps me to earn a good profit even while selling the products at customer friendly prices.

I would also like to thank the business expert panel of EverData that helped me to learn how to find the potential clients, connect with them and present our products in a way that can strengthen the possibilities of positive response. 

I highly appreciate the in-house support team of EverData that is fully capable of solving various technical issues and is truly available 24X7. It has helped me to retain my customers and win their trust.