4 Top Programming Language For Resellers To Maximize Revenue

A significant number of web hosting resellers also offer other web services to the clients especially web designing and development. It helps them to maximize the returns from each client by offering value-added services. Their income potential and reputation depends upon their programming skills and expertise. That is why it is important to learn the programming languages with a high-efficiency and a proven track record. At the same time, they don’t have enough time to go through a long or intricate learning curve. So they need languages that are relatively easier to learn. Professional viability of the languages is the key aspect that ultimately determines its relevance to the business goal. In this blog we have presented 4 best programming languages that can help web hosting resellers to enhance their income potential and enjoy a better position in the industry by offering premium development services to the clients:



GoLang is an easy yet highly efficient language developed by the internet giant Google. It allows the developers to produce powerful applications that are perfectly tailored to meet their specific requirements and objectives. Swift operations and quick compiling have made it highly popular among the developers.

USPs of GoLang

  • Being an open source the language eliminates a number of technical limitations and actively helps the developers to utilize their skills to the fullest
  • You wouldn’t find it difficult to learn even if you possess only the basic programming skills
  • Built-in testing support allows you to test your programs quickly without switching to any other source.
  • Even those without prior exposure to the programming can learn the GoLang with a reasonably short learning curve.
  • It offers better protection to your works with built-in memory safety
  • Being a static language it is less difficult to learn even for the non-programmers.
  • Being equipped with the standard library it facilitates the web server setup process as well as other key processes



If you are looking to work with the distributed systems and need the language that can accelerate your real-time development capabilities then you can go for Erlang. This OS language is focused on ease and thus is highly recommended for beginners. The data structures are much easier and fully transparent.

USPs of ErLang

  • A strong model specially built to provide better tolerance against errors
  • A strong model that can efficiently tolerate faults and errors while providing easy
  • It facilitates message transmission capabilities that bring down the costs associated with context switching different processes.
  • Networking issues can easily be resolved with the help of OTP libraries that come with decent capabilities.
  • Technical issues related to networking can easily be resolved with the help of OTP libraries equipped with decently high capabilities.
  • It offers an architecture-agnostic model that allows the developers to run their language uniformly on diverse architecture no matter where they have compiled it



Python is one of the oldest programming languages that accelerate the capabilities of programmers by offering them an easy interface, and simple syntax. Over a period of time, it has significantly evolved to align with the latest programming requirements.

USPs of Python

  • With its multifaceted features, the Python can be used for diverse purposes and offers strong capabilities for multiple purposes.
  • If you are looking for an object-oriented programming language that allows you to work across all the popular systems and platforms then Python n is the best option for you
  • Its practical usability is quite evident from the fact that it is used for the development of Django that is a strong framework trusted by online giants like Pinterest, The Washington Post, and Instagram.



If you want to quickly develop web applications with a simple process and fewer efforts then you should seriously consider learning RubyOnRails. Besides, it is especially architected to tolerate the heavy traffic load without issues.

USPs of Ruby

  • It is a highly recommendable language for the beginners as it helps them to produce professional and appealing websites with fewer efforts and a reasonably short period of time
  • Shopify, a major name in the eCommerce industry is powered by RubyonRails. Other popular brands using this language include Airbnb and Github.



In order to quickly boost your profitability from the reseller hosting business, you need to offer them other relevant value added services like web development and designing. For that, you need to possess strong programming languages that can help you make a distinct mark as a developer. In this blog, we have discussed the top 4 programming languages that can help the hosting resellers to enhance their development skills and offer reliable premium development services to their clients. It will help you emerge as a single stop solution for all their business needs and eventually enhance your reputation and revenue.